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Quality of Care

The staff at Avon Park Residential Home are fully aware that our residents come to us to enhance their quality of life. With this in mind, we aim to provide our residents with a safe, homely and comfortable environment, with plenty of stimulation to allow them to have fulfilment in their lives.

Whether you are a potential service user or a family member, you can be assured that our residents are treated with dignity, privacy and compassion at all times. We believe respect is a key value that underpins most of the principles of care and forms a part of the core principles of our home.

Respecting Our Residents

Our staff are trained to maximise each resident’s privacy and demonstrate dignity to residents during the course of their work. These include the following:

  • Always knocking before entering a resident's room.
  • Always addressing a resident by their title or their preferred name.
  • Always treating residents as individuals.
  • Giving appropriate room and space to residents and avoiding "hovering over" them when in the bathroom.
  • Never leaving residents naked on bed when performing intimate care.

Personal Possessions

The presence of personal possessions is extremely important. Residents are encouraged to bring as many possessions as can be safely accommodated in their rooms. Residents can decorate and rearrange their rooms, and of course they are given their own key to their room and lockable storage space.

Social Contacts

We recognise that families and friends are all part of the residents rich social network and we actively encourage them to visit the home at any time, without restrictions. There is a warm welcome for everyone, and cups of tea or coffee and light snacks are always available.

Avon Park believes that social contacts are a necessary part of living a fulfilled and healthy life.

We will do our best to provide opportunities for our residents to take part in, and seek friendship within the home and in the wider community.


Avon Park Residential Care understands that our residents have a right to a balanced and nutritious diet, this is necessary to maintain or improve the health of our residents. We will provide all our residents with three full meals a day of which at least one will be cooked. Mealtimes are unhurried and relaxed: residents are given plenty of time to eat and enjoy their food.

Parties and Special Occasions

We realise too the importance of anniversaries, birthdays, and religious cultural festivals, in the lives of residents. We use such events as an opportunity to provide for a celebration. Families and friends are invited to such joyous occasions. Families and friend are also welcome to the use of our Webber Lounge should they like to book it for any private celebrations. We do not charge for this service.

Bringing the Restaurant to the Residents

We aim to provide special candle lit dinners with soft back ground music for the residents every six weeks as an alternative to dining out. Service users find this a more convenient alternative to visiting restaurants.

Recreation and Activities

We support our residents to continue or develop their preferred leisure pursuits, social activities, and cultural interests. Our trained staff will provide all necessary support to those who wish to develop an interest in an activity that is not currently supported by the home. However, we also respect the privacy of our residents, who can exercise their rights to opt out of activities if they wish.

Principles of Good Care

Avon Park Care Home understands that the management of our home plays an important part in achieving our main objective of providing our residents with the care and attention they deserve. Our operational records and procedures are developed with this goal in mind.

We always strive to create and maintain an environment in which care takes place. Avon Park Care Home trains and supports staff knowing that they are instrumental in delivering and supporting good care.

Our aim is always to promote a way of life for our residents, which enables them to enjoy their rights as individual human beings to the greatest possible extent. In doing this, we will observe the following principles:


Avon Park Care Home understands that the right to dignity involves recognising the inherent value of people, by respecting their unique qualities as individuals and the specific nature of each person's needs. We will take care to safeguard our residents’ dignity.


An individual's right to privacy involves being free from intrusion or unwelcome attention. We provide all of our residents with as much private space as possible. Our staff also respect the privacy of individual's rooms, relationships, as well as confidentiality of their information.


Avon Park Care Home understands this to mean having opportunities to think, act, and take reasonable risks without constant reference to others. We provide all our residents with support and encouragement to stay in control of as much of their lives as possible.


We are in no doubt that concern for security forms a major part in most people’s decision to go into a home. Avon Park will respond to our residents’ needs for reasonable security in the following ways:

  • Ensuring that help is readily available for any person who need help urgently.
  • Providing residents with a safe environment.
  • Carrying out regular risk assessments of our premises, equipment used, and the activities of our individual residents.
  • Putting a vigorous system in place for checking the background of new staff.
  • Training staff continuously to ensure that services are delivered responsibly, professionally and with compassion.

Civil Rights

Avon Park Residential Care Home will take all necessary action to ensure that our residents maintain all of the benefits to which they are entitled by citizenship.


This represents the opportunity to select independently from a range of options. Our residents are given as wide a range of choice as possible by choosing the following:

  • When they get up
  • When they will eat
  • Where to have their meals


Avon Park Care Home recognises the opportunities for residents to realise personal aspirations and abilities. Our staff will ensure that our residents continue to fulfil their aspirations and abilities by:

  • Organising a diverse programme of social and cultural activities within our home and encourage residents to participate in outside activities of their choice.
  • Taking time to understand and respond to the wishes of any or our residents who would like to take part in any event or activity.
  • Encouraging residents to entertain their relatives and friends and welcoming them to invite vital social contacts to:
  • Dinner
  • Birthday parties
  • Special celebrations

Residents are also free to use the Webber Lounge for parties and special occasions. It is our aim to do everything possible to help our services users to enjoy their autumn years.


Avon Park Care Home further believes that the right to confidentiality is a key principle to health and social care and should be respected at all times. Our staff are trained and expected to refrain from voluntary disclosure of any information, learned directly or indirectly, about our residents.

Autonomy and Choice

Avon Park understands autonomy to be defined as the freedom to choose. It is a key concept in the rights that should be accorded to every resident in a well-run home. The National Minimum Standards for Care Homes for Older People also mentions autonomy and choice. We comply with standards by:

  • Conducting our home so as to maximise our residents' capacity to exercise their own personal autonomy and choice.
  • Enabling and helping our residents to handle their own financial affairs as long they wish to or have the capacity to do so.
  • Informing residents and their relatives and friends of how to contact external advocates.
  • Entitling our residents to bring personal possessions with them.
  • Allowing service users access to their personal records in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

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